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Haris Ahmed, Chicago: Leadership and the Foresight to Adapt

Haris Ahmed  (Chicago) has helped countless clients provide their organizations with more structure in order to streamline operations and improve the flow of processes. When these two factors are solid and stable, the organization is given the right tools and opportunities to thrive, grow, and excel in their field. And behind a great organization is an exceptional leader.

Haris has seen organizations fail because of poor leadership; and for the most part, he comes in at just the right time. When an organization is dealing with internal issues that affect its performance and operations, time is of the essence. The sooner these issues are dealt with, with the assistance of a professional management consultant like Haris Ahmed through his Chicago management consulting firm, Pragmatium Consulting, Inc, the sooner the organization can operate more effectively.

While there are many leadership skills that can move the organization towards the right direction, nothing is more important than having the foresight to adapt to change—ahead of other players in the industry.

For the purpose of putting emphasis on the importance of the leader’s adaptability, Haris Ahmed deemed it best to create this site. Seeing how fast-moving technological advancements are these days, the ability to adapt has never become more important and apparent. Survival of the fittest in this age of the Internet can only mean one thing: adopt technology or eat the dust of your competitors.

As the leader of an organization, you must have the foresight to know when to adapt and which changes to adopt; and when it’s okay to bide your time before striking. But whichever direction you choose to take, preparation is the key factor that will put you ahead of the others. An exceptional leader is someone who knows when to take risks and manage these at the same time. In other words, don’t jump in the pool unless you know how to swim—and make sure that you’re properly dressed for it.

But technology isn’t the only thing that you need to be on top of. Methods of operations and processes, local and global market trends, best practices, and other movements or events related to your industry are equally important.

A leader who fails to adapt to changes, such as one who remains stuck in the past, has considerably shortened the lifespan of its organization. Adaptability opens doors that you may not have been aware of—new doors that would otherwise have stayed closed. Resistance to change could result in missed opportunities.

With that said, Haris Ahmed (Chicago) hopes to encourage readers to pay close attention to the changes happening in their industry to enable them to make educated decisions about the direction of the business and change courses if necessary.

For comments or questions about his post, please feel free to leave Haris Ahmed a message below. To inquire about his management consulting services, the reader is also invited to leave him a comment below. Haris Ahmed values your time so you can rest assured that he will get back to you promptly.

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