Storytelling: A rather unexpected aspect of effective leadership

Has anyone noticed how the best business leaders have tons of tales to tell about how he or she reached the top of the mountain? In TedX talks and leadership seminars all around the world, motivational speakers always have the most compelling stories to tell about how they fought and triumphed over adversities.

Yes, storytelling is a huge part not just of effective communication, but effective leadership as well. While TedX and leadership seminars were mentioned earlier, recounting a quick anecdote can happen almost anywhere. Team leaders can insert a quick story during a coffee break on how he found humor in stressful work situations. Managers can share the lighter side of his experience of applying for a managerial position before a department meeting.

Stories are part of people’s daily lives and may be used by people in positions to inspire their subordinates. One of the most significant by-products of storytelling is keeping people motivated in doing their jobs. In fact, a simple story at the right moment can turn the worst office day of an employee around.

Another important result of storytelling is that it connects leaders to their followers on both a personal and professional level. And any leader will tell you how important this connection is to effective leadership.

Haris Ahmed is the CEO of Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc., a consulting company that helps organizations on effective management. To read more articles on leadership, growth, and sustainability, subscribe to this

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