Change is the only constant in this disruptive world. Change is inevitable. If you want to survive and thrive in this competitive world, you must be able to manage change. It is not as simple as it is thought of managing change. Many institutions have disappeared without being able to manage change. Any business has to incorporate change management into their strategy and allocate proper budget, time and other resources to tackle changes in the environment and people. It should be included in organizational planning to make the entire organization realize the importance of change management.

Haris Ahmed Naperville is a professional change management consultant and facilitator. He has helped hundreds of companies to incorporate change management systems in their organizations. He is the founder and CEO of pragmatism consulting firm. He provides consultancy to various industries including healthcare, financial services etc. He has helped clients to build great teams and leadership capabilities. You can follow Haris Ahmed on LinkedIn to know his impressive profile. He understands business and the key drivers which impact any organization. His approach uses innovative strategies to translate planning into revenues. He has brought down the cost of operation in various companies with his strategic vision. His official coaching experience is more than 20 years. He contributed to the society by creating over 100 people in a wide array of fields who have become great leaders. He brought about all round prosperity and drastic changes through his leadership workshops. He is very knowledgeable and his client list includes Johnson & Johnson, Motorola, Roosevelt University to name a few.

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